Wooden engine
I heard about this wooden engine from an old timer in the area that said he remembered
an old engine that had a chain driven cam shaft on the farm next to his when he was a kid
and it ran a water pump, that story started the chase by locating the farm and then the
family that lived there during the time he was a kid and then down thru the family because
it kept getting passed down and finally after about a year I finally found it and talked to the
owner and it still took a couple more years till I could buy the engine.  I have not tried to
start the engine since I've owned it because I'm kinda scared that the wood might be
getting to brittle and fly apart.   Only metal parts are cylinder, piston, crankshaft, and
valve system.  Even the bearings are wooden.  The hopper is made kinda like Stovepipe
Domestic in that is has the tin wrapped around the cylinder and the ends are wooden.  It
has hot tube ignition, a skip link chain that drives a cam shaft that operates both intake
and exhaust valve.  It has a pendulum governor that actuates the intake valve and opens
the valve when it needs fuel to fire.   It's a very interesting engine to sit and study and for
now it just sits on the shelf until the day I get the nerve to try and start it up.  :)      Tom
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